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Costello Real Estate and Investments is a Charlotte and Raleigh based firm committed to bringing turn-key solutions to buyers, sellers, and investors. We can tailor the right solution for you whether you are selling an existing home, purchasing a new home, or looking to diversify your investment portfolio. Our daily focus is to bring true value to our customers, agents and community that go beyond standard real estate transactions.


Investing in real estate can build wealth and provide a safe and comfortable place to live.  It can also be an emotional business: the purchase of a property could be a first home for a growing family, an investment or sale to expand one’s portfolio, or perhaps a carefully selected retirement home after years of hard work.

Regardless of the reason for the transaction, it’s important that a realtor fully understand the process and possess the following skills:

Knowledge!  Knowledge is undeniably the number one reason people call upon an agent to buy or sell a home.  This knowledge reaches far beyond the market itself.  Our agents at Costello Real Estate & Investments possess knowledge in real estate laws, understand how contracts are written, and have full comprehension as to how appraisals, timelines and procedures work.  They know every corner and crevice of the process. 

The success of our agents continues to grow exponentially through the sharing of experiences in every aspect of the business, brainstorming ideas, and problem solving together.  The team environmnet produces a wealth of knowledge that one agent could never produce alone.  We cultivate this environment so that our agents may pass the knowledge back to you and work as efficiently as possible.

Communication!  Real estate transactions have several moving parts and strict deadlines, each specific to the state where it takes place and the uniqueness of the deal.  Simply stated: if agents don’t communicate properly, a transaction can fail or be severly affected.  Deadlines could be missed and money could be lost, and we take this very seriously.  We pride ourselves on timely, open communication, even - and especially - if the conversation is hard to discuss.  This type of communication helps our clients reach their goals while developing trust and confidence amongst all parties.

Care!  We truly care about our clients!  Real Estate is a business, but it’s a very personal business.  At Costello Real Estate & Investments we understand the emotions of selling or purchasing a home.   We recognize the stresses, financial and beyond, that can come from things like making repairs or negotiating a contract.  We can’t remove these details of the process, but we know that if you have a marketplace expert who also communicates often and cares about your concerns, you will feel confident in your decisions and comfortable with the entire transaction.

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