6 Incredible Reasons to Call Charlotte Home

Living in Charlotte brings plenty of joy with so many things to do and natural beauty throughout. The Queen City is a very popular spot to call home and there are several great reasons to relocate to Charlotte. If you're considering putting down roots in Charlotte, here are six of the top reasons to make the leap.

The People

While having plenty of things to do, a booming economy and a great dining scene are all good, the people make the city. Charlotte has often been called one of the friendliest cities by tourists because of the etiquette and manners found throughout.

Common courtesy isn't dead here and plenty of comments have been made about the everyday displays of friendliness throughout the city. If you love the idea of being a part of a friendly community, Charlotte may be the right place for you to call home.

Wonderful Weather

You won't deal with brutal winters in Charlotte and the summer months don't see boiling hot temperatures. However, even with the mild winters and summers, you still get four wonderful seasons with the fall season offering some of the most amazing natural beauty throughout the city.

Spring and fall are two of the best seasons in the city. However, summer and winter can be quite enjoyable too. Enjoy the mild climate with trips to Lake Norman year-round. If you enjoy all four seasons without huge temperature drops and spikes, Charlotte may be the place for you.

The Great Schools

Charlotte offers one of the top 10 cities in the United States for families, according to the Huffington Post. A big reason the city made it onto this list was the quality education. From the elementary level all the way through high school, the city offers great schools with plenty of award-winning options. While the public schools are highly rated, there are also several great private schools found all throughout Charlotte.

If you're looking for a city with great schools for your children, calling Charlotte home may just be the answer.

Getting Around is Easy

Unlike some cities in the United States, Charlotte offers a great road system throughout the city and the surrounding area. It's very easy to use the highway system to take road trips within the state and day trips near Charlotte. Whether you're traveling around the city or outside the city for an event, attraction or another activity, it won't be a difficult trip.

The city also offers the LYNX light rail system, which makes it easy to get around without a vehicle. You can travel outside the state easily from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which was recently expanded. In addition, I-485 was also expanded giving Charlotte an outer beltway.

Excellent Sports Scene

If you love sports, relocating to Charlotte just makes sense. The city is filled with great sports to enjoy from the NFL team to the NBA team. You'll also find the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte and several great NASCAR races throughout. Even those more into adventure sports will enjoy what the National Whitewater Center has to offer.

Excellent South End Neighborhoods

Many of the neighborhoods throughout Charlotte offer plenty of charm and a unique place to call home within the city. However, the South End neighborhoods offer something truly special. This area of the city is known for the incredible events including the South End Gallery Crawl. IT's also known for the farmer's market and plenty of other great things going on all the time.

The historic South End of Charlotte offers a place that may cater to the younger generation, but it's perfect for anybody that wants to be out and about. It's a popular spot with a growing art scene and plenty of things to do all throughout the year.

While these six reasons to call Charlotte home are all great, there are so many more that could be on this list. The economy is booming, the location near the mountains and just hours from the coast is great and the overall beauty of the city is very appealing.

No matter your reasons for wanting to live in Charlotte, it's time to find the right place to call home. Choose an experienced, local real estate agent and they will help you to find the perfect neighborhood and the right house for you and your family.

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