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How do You Know You Chose a Great Charlotte Listing Agent?

The right agent makes a huge difference. Some Charlotte listing agents have a specific way of marketing your home and making sure it gets sold. If you choose wisely, it can lead to a faster, more profitable sale of your home.

However, choose the wrong agent and you may be in for a ride you simply won't be thrilled to take. A good agent knows how to cut through the fluff and get your home listed properly and sold fast. Here are a few of the most common signs to look for when you want to choose the right Charlotte listing agent for your home sale.


A good real estate agent will be honest with you, even if they know it's not something you want to hear. The truth can hurt a bit, especially when you're emotionally attached to your home. A good agent won't sugar coat things or keep the truth from you as it can be dangerous to get your home sold.

You may have an unrealistic perceived value of your home or you may think it's in better condition than it really is. Your agent should be willing to tell you these things without worrying about hurting your feelings.

They Use Stagers

A good listing agent will have a professional stager or two they can recommend to you. Staging goes a very long way to getting your home sold, especially in the age of technology. Since most potential buyers will first see your home online, staging matters. It will show up in ever listing picture and every showing.

They're Very Likable

Good listing agents are always very likable. If you like your agent, there is a good chance potential buyers will also like your agent. This is something you simply cannot go without as it makes a difference throughout the entire...

8 Common Home Buying Expenses First-Time Home Buyers Don't Anticipate

As a first-time home buyer, there's a ton of information you will have thrown your way. You have to think about the budget but remain excited about getting a new home. It's a balancing act you've never done before and it can become very overwhelming.

Hiring a great buyer's agent is the first step to making this balancing act easier. Your agent can help to ensure you're protected during the process and help you find the right home for you. However, there's more to the equation than just hiring the right agent.

A big part of the stress for first-time home buyers is the unexpected expenses. You've never been through the process, so how are you supposed to anticipate every expense? Here's a look at eight of the common home expenses most first-time buyers don't anticipate.

Moving Expenses

Moving, even just down the road, can get expensive. Before you decide to relocate to Charlotte, make sure your account for how much you will need for the moving costs. These costs can vary and can run thousands of dollars if you hire a professional mover. Even if you just rent a truck, it can get expensive if you're moving from out of town.

Closing Costs

You may have heard of closing costs, but you may not know how much the costs will be. Typically, the closing costs will cover all types of feeds from the loan origination fee to the attorney fee and more. This cost can range from 2% to 5% of the purchase price of the home. Sometimes, the seller will pay the closing costs or a percentage of the closing costs, but not always.

Due Diligence Money

Do you even know what a due diligence fee is? If not, you need to read...

Which Schools Will Serve Your Children in Center City?

Living in Center City Charlotte offers several benefits from great shopping to amazing dining to an incredible location. It's one of the most popular places for new residents to choose to call home. However, before you decide Center City is the place for you, it's important to understand which schools serve the children here.

First Ward Creative Arts Academy

The elementary school for Center City students is the First Ward Creative Arts Academy. This school specializes in arts-integrated learning with plenty of elements of arts in the classroom including dance, music, visual arts and theatre arts. The school is found in Uptown Charlotte and provides a high level of education for those in the community.

They offer a unique perspective on learning that includes more than a traditional school. It's a hard school to explain, but once you see the way they do things, you'll understand. They want students to use their special talents and develop a passion for the arts.

Irwin Academic Center

Another elementary school serving Center City Charlotte is the Irwin Academic Center. This school is found just minutes from Uptown and offers six grade levels from kindergarten to fifth grade. They serve about 550 students per year with a full magnet program including Learning Immersion for K-2 and Talent Development for academically gifted- grades 3 to 5.

The school has been recognized as an "Honor School of Excellence" by the states ABC goals multiple times and offers a great education for children. The goal of the Irwin Academic Center is to create critical thinkers and lifelong learners....

Understanding Mixed-Use Developments in Charlotte

Charlotte is filled with mixed-use developments and it seems like new ones pop up regularly. There's a reason for this and it's important to understand what mixed-use developments or MUDs are.

Whether you're shopping for a new place to live, a vacation home or you're trying to sell from a mixed-use development, understanding what these are will help you out. Here's a look at what MUDs are and why they are so popular in Charlotte.

Defining MUDs

Mixed-use developments are urban developments that combine social, residential, commercial and in some instances industrial into one. They are very pedestrian-friendly and offer a bit of a community within the community. Typically, these developments feature plenty of things residents can walk to without much issue including grocery stores, restaurants, shopping options and more.

While these are developments featuring different types of space, they can vary quite a bit. Some may offer ground floor retails, while others offer a ton of amenities. There really isn't one way to lump them all together and make them the same.

Mixed-use developments come with a ton of benefits, especially for growing cities. They can help create a stronger community while encouraging more walking and biking. They also create shorter commutes for workers and provide a way for homeowners to enjoy their neighborhood without the same amount of maintenance as a single-family home.

Why So Many MUDs in Charlotte?

MUDs are very popular in growing cities as they are great for those looking to live in a new city. Charlotte is a flourishing city and the urban growth is very important. MUDs allow for cities to add housing options by building up instead of out. They allow homeowners or renters to live close to work and close to downtown,...

Top 7 Hottest Neighborhoods in Charlotte for Home Searches for Summer 2018

The summer is always a busy month when it comes to real estate. More buyers and sellers are out trying to find a home or sell a home. Some of the Charlotte neighborhoods were far hotter than others. Here's a look at the top seven hottest neighborhoods in Charlotte for home searches from this past summer.


The most searched neighborhood in Charlotte was NoDa. This neighborhood is already known as one of the most popular for many good reasons. It's filled with great restaurants, shopping options, nightlife, and the art galleries are some of the best you will find. With live/work condos being built, plenty of beautiful bungalow homes renovated mill homes and some modern homes. NoDa also appeals to a variety of buyers.

The average list price for this neighborhood is just over $335K. It may have been a hipster neighborhood, but it has evolved into a historic, fun neighborhood attracting all types of home buyers in Charlotte.


Next on the list is a unique neighborhood in the South End area of Charlotte that has become incredibly hot. It's one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Charlotte and provides plenty for buyers to get excited about. The neighborhood offers the style of Dilworth with more affordability. The homes are not as big as most found in Dilworth, however.

Wilmore offers plenty of bungalow homes from the 1920s and 1930s with plenty of growth potential left. The average list price is nearly $407K. Buyer can expect this neighborhood to continue to be hot and just get hotter.


It may have been higher on the list, but Southpark...

Top Spots for Wine Drinking in Charlotte

While North Carolina may not seem like wine country, there are certainly plenty of places to go to drink wine. From bars to wineries, there's a bit of everything found throughout Charlotte. Even some of the state's best wines come from near the city.

It doesn't matter if you prefer red, white or a fruit wine, you will find it throughout the area. If you're looking for a great place to go out with friends or family for wine, here are some of the top spots for drinking wine in Charlotte.

Foxcroft Wine Co.

Anybody that knows anything about drinking wine in Charlotte has been to the Foxcroft Wine Co. This is simply one of the best spots for wine drinkers to enjoy. They provide a great food menu to go with the many wines you can choose from and they even have locations in both South Park and Dilworth.

Both locations are open from 10am to 11pm, Monday through Saturday and from 5pm to 10pm on Sunday. Find out more about the Foxcroft Wine Co. by visiting their website here.

Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar

Located in South Park, Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar is one of the most elegant choices on the list. They offer a wide variety of red, white and sparkling wines, along with cocktails and beer. The restaurant serves small plates and entrees to enjoy.

If you have an event you need a space for, they offer a beautiful private room. In addition, Mondays are the Buy a Bottle, Take a Bottle optional and Saturdays and Sundays offer half-priced Champagne.

Corkbuzz Restaurant & Wine Bar is open from 4pm to 10pm, Sunday through Thursday and from 4pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday. They also open for lunch from 11am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday....

Top Parks Found Throughout Charlotte Center City

Charlotte Center City has plenty of parks to choose from. When you decide to call this area of the city home, you'll gain access to some of the best parks, along with smaller, neighborhood parks. Here's a look at the parks found throughout Center City.

Fourth Ward Park

Offering a great park found in the historic Fourth Ward neighborhood, Fourth Ward Park is surrounded by old Victorian homes and luxury condominiums. It covers about 3 acres of space with walking trails and decorative fountains. The park also includes a playground.

Little Sugar Creek Greenway

Once it's fully completed, the Little Sugar Creek Greenway will feature more than 19 miles of trails, land connectors, sculptures, and fountains. It's found to the north of Uptown and will run to the South Carolina state line. The greenway provides a place for joggers, walkers, cyclists, and others to enjoy plenty of beauty as it runs through many different areas of Center City and Charlotte.

Pearle Street Park

A six-acre park purchased back in 1943 for $2,500 by the city, Pearle Street Park has been around since 1943. Today, it covers a total of 8.3 acres of space with a multipurpose field, full-court basketball court, and walking trails. It also includes a monument, which marks the park as the first Negro playground and the first African-American park in Mecklenburg County.

Thompson Park 

Found just outside Uptown close to CPCC and the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, ...

Upcoming Event: South End Wine Fest

Known as one of the best wine events in Charlotte, the South End Wine Fest will be held on October 20th this year. The event will include 25 vineyards providing plenty of samples, along with food and entertainment. Proceeds from the event will help to support Classroom Central.

Past years have seen the event win several awards including being voted as the Best Charlotte Wine Event in both 2016 and 2017. In addition, the event has been a winner of the BOB Awards three years in a row and have been recognized several times.

The Wine

With so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start. The South End Wine Festival will include wine from all over the globe including:

  • 2016 Jeff Runquist 1448
  • 2015 Bodega Septima Malbec
  • 2017 Creto Pinot Noir
  • Rift Lodi Zinfandel
  • Sokol-Blosser Evolution White Blend
  • 2016 Casa Gran Del Siurana GR-174
  • 2014 Anew Riesling
  • 2016 Finca El Origen Estate Malbec Rosé
  • 2016 Boschendal The Rose Garden Rose
  • 2016 Josef Bauer Gruner Veltliner, Austria
  • Fleuraison Blanc de Blancs Brut
  • Pasqua Passimento Prosecco
  • 2014 Rutherford Ranch Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2009 Bricco Rosso Sagna Langhe Rosso DOC
  • Stella Moscato
  • 2014 Hob Nob Pinot Noir
  • 2014 Bricco Dei Tati Barbera
  • JM Fonseca Twin Vines Vinho Verde, Portugal
  • 2013 Dover Chambourcin
  • 2016 Dover Villard Blanc
  • 2015 Dover Villard Blanc
  • 2015 Dover Cabernet Franc
  • And Much More!

Wines will be featured from Spain, Italy, South America, Washington State, Oregon, France, North Carolina, Australia, South Africa and all around the globe.

In addition to the wine, there will be three cider options on hand including...

Which Charlotte Neighborhoods are in the Center City?

The Center City is one of the most popular and vibrant neighborhoods in Charlotte. It's filled with sub-neighborhoods or residential areas all throughout. Each of these smaller neighborhoods comes with its own character and history.

If you're relocating to Charlotte and you want to live in the Center City, finding the right neighborhood for you matters. You want to make sure you choose the perfect option to fit your personality and what you desire from a neighborhood. Here's a look at the Charlotte neighborhoods in the Center City to choose from.


Found to the east of Uptown, the Midtown neighborhood offers a wonderful place to call home. The Little Sugar Creek Greenway is found her and connects Midtown to Dilworth and Freedom Park. There are plans to add connections into First Ward, as well.

In addition, Midtown is home to The Metropolitan, which is known as one of the best retail destinations in Center City. This project also includes upscale condos, office space, and restaurants. Residents living in Midtown enjoy easy transportation with the City LNYX Gold Line streetcar connecting residents to the Transit Center in Uptown, Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center and the Central Piedmont Community College main campus.

Historic South End

Found directly to the south of Uptown, the Historic South End neighborhood has plenty to offer. It used to be a very popular industrial zone but has become an urban neighborhood filled with historic structures. Many of the old textile factories and industrial buildings have been converted into lofts and condos today.

The South End neighborhood is home to several music venues and art galleries. It's known for the incredible craft brewery scene,...

Upcoming Event: The Great Pumpkin Fest

An event you won't want to miss, The Great Pumpkin Fest is coming to Carowinds for more than a month. In fact, it has already arrived. The event started on September 15th and will be held on Saturdays and Sundays through October 28th.

It's a family-friendly Halloween event perfect for your children. You can enjoy a consume parade, mazes, foam zone and so much more.  Here's a look at what to expect at The Great Pumpkin Fest this year.


There will be plenty of attractions for children to enjoy including:

  • Linus's Pumpkin Patch and Bale Maze - Found near the Camp Store; this maze will keep kids busy. There are many dead ends throughout and at the end of the maze, kids 12 and under can choose a mini-pumpkin to decorate.
  • Charlie Brown's Tractor Tour - A cook little tour for kids, the tractor tour allows each child to pedal on a miniature tractor and enjoy the fun.
  • Lucy's Mummy Pit - It's a fun bubbly pyramid of sudsy delight. The mummy pit is found near Snoopy vs. Red Barron.
  • Sally's Craft Corner - If your children are into crafts, find this cool attraction near Snoopy Junction. It's a great place to enjoy decorating a mini-pumpkin or creating a mask.
  • Franklin's Game Corner - Enjoy all types of Halloween themed festival games near Harmony Hall Arbor.
  • Trick or Treating - All throughout Camp Snoopy, you'll find great trick or treating options starting at 3pm.

There are several great attractions to enjoy for this event and plenty for children to do.


Along with the many great attractions, the event will include several shows, such as:

  • Haunted Homecoming - Held five times throughout the day at Harmony Hall, this show will feature a cast of teenage dead-heads performing retro rock and more.
  • It's the...

Top 7 BBQ Joints in Charlotte

BBQ is a tradition in Charlotte and there are some spots that simply just do it right. With so many great restaurants all throughout the city, it's not hard to find a great place to eat. However, when you want the best BBQ in Charlotte, you need to know where to go.

There are two styles of BBQ found in North Carolina: Lexington or Western and Eastern. Lexington BBQ includes a red sauce with pepper, vinegar, ketchup, and spices. This is usually served over slow-roasted pork shoulder. Eastern BBQ uses all the different parts of the pick with a sauce made of just vinegar and pepper.

You can find both styles all throughout Charlotte at the best BBQ joints in the city. Here's a look at some of the top spots to go for BBQ in Charlotte.

Bubba's Barbecue - 4400 Sunset Road

A 33-hour process is used to properly roast the hogs at Bubba's Barbeque. This ensures nearly all the fat is gone resulting in a lean meat. The meat is seasoned with vinegar, salt, and crushed red pepper to give it the perfect flavor.

Midwood Smokehouse - 540 Brandywine Road

A newer BBQ spot in Charlotte, Midwood Smokehouse opened in 2011. They have become a local favorite by using an all-wood smoker with hickory logs burring all hours of every day. The brisket here is one of the best in town.

Bar-B-Q King - 2900 Wilkinson Boulevard

Found in Ashley Park, this BBQ option offers a curbside experience. It's known as a historic hole in the wall and the BBQ is amazing. Bar-B-Q-King has been around since 1959 and uses a house-made sauce unlike anything else you will find in Charlotte.

Sauceman's - 228 West Boulevard


Which Parks in Charlotte are Best for Kids?

Charlotte is home to more than 21,000 acres of parkland with over 210 parks throughout. There's a ton of green space within the city and the surrounding area.

If you're considering relocating to Charlotte or if you've already moved to Charlotte, finding a great park for your kids isn't hard. There are several excellent parks all throughout the city, the suburbs and the surrounding area. Not all are as kid-friendly as others, however. Here's a quick look at some of the most kid-friendly and family-friendly parks you will find throughout Charlotte.

Chantilly Neighborhood Park

A great park for those living in nearby neighborhoods including Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood, and Chantilly, the Chantilly Neighborhood Park has plenty to offer. It's near some of the best historic neighborhoods in the city and offers one of the best-kept secrets in the park system.

Enjoy two massive playgrounds with shade pine trees nearby. There are also great walking trails here with plenty of green space to explore. If you need to sit down often, you will find plenty of great benches throughout the park, as well.

Freedom Park

One of the best family-friendly parks in all of Charlotte, Freedom Park is known as the "Central Park” of the city. It's usually filled with children and offers several different playgrounds including the "Panther Zone", which will let the kids enjoy some unique fun.

There are plenty of other things found here, too, including tennis courts and several sports fields. Enjoy the massive lake and go for a stroll throughout the park. Freedom Park is one of the most complete parks in Charlotte.

Latta Park

Found in the Dilworth neighborhood, this is one of the best kid-friendly parks in the area....

Understanding the Differences Between a Condo and a Townhome

When you're ready to buy your first home, you may be considering a condo or a townhome. Do you know the difference between the two? Are you familiar with what each may offer you?

For some, hearing the word townhouse may bring images to the mind of two-story brick buildings in rows. Condos may have you thinking of high-rise buildings with floor-to-ceiling windows and amazing views.

If you're considering purchasing a new home in Charlotte and you want to look into condos and townhouses, you should know the difference. Here's the difference between the two.


One of the main things that define condos is the fact that they are owned. Condominiums are defined at a property the owner where the owner is responsible for everything found inside the walls but isn't responsible for the shared spaces within the building.

Typically, a condo is found in a medium or large building and the units are stacked on top of each other. It's possible to rent a condo, as some buildings will allow the owner to rent it out. However, it's still a condo for the owner, but now becomes an apartment to the renter.


The architectural style will define the townhouses and they can be owned or rented. Usually, these are much like a condensed single-family home and neighborhoods will share a wall. Usually, townhomes include more than one floor with the living space on the lower level and the bedrooms on the upper level or levels.

Townhome communities usually offer shared amenities and they are a part of a much larger community. They can also be a part of a single row of townhouses and they usually have a front and back with access through both.

Differences Between Townhomes and Condos

The main difference...

Top Charlotte Center City Museums

The Charlotte Center City is known as one of the best places in the city for arts and entertainment. There are several museums, galleries, and theaters found in this portion of the city. If you're looking for amazing museums to visit, heading to the Charlotte Center City will give you exactly what you desire.

From science museums to art museums, there are plenty of choices to enjoy here. You can even find the NASCAR Hall of Fame here. When it's time to take a trip to the museum, here are the top choices you will find throughout the Charlotte Center City in Uptown.

Mint Museum Uptown - 500 South Tryon Street

There are actually two locations of the Mint Museum in Charlotte. The Mint Museum Uptown provides a look at the Craft + Design collection, along with incredible collections of European art and American Contemporary Art. There are several visitor amenities including the James B. Duke Auditorium, a restaurant, the Lewis Family Gallery, art studios and a museum shop.

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday and admission ranging from $6 to $15. Members do get in free. Find out more about the Mint Museum Uptown here.

Levine Museum of the New South - 200 East 7th Street

Showing off the history of the South since the Civil War, the Levine Museum of the New South is a unique choice in Charlotte Center City. This museum offers plenty of unique artifacts and exhibits to enjoy. They also offer several educational programs for all ages.

Admission runs from $6 to $10 with discounts for EBT or WIC members and for families. Every Sunday, admission is half off. Find out more about the Levine Museum of the New South on their website here.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art -...

Discover Some of the Best Bars & Pubs in Charlotte

Moving to a new city can be difficult. You have to find new places to hang out, frequent and enjoy. Lucky for you, if you've moved to Charlotte, there are several great bars and pubs throughout the city. Here's a look at some of the best you will find in the Queen City.

Big Ben - 2000 South Boulevard #150

An upbeat tavern with a classic British feel, Big Ben offers sports on plenty of TVs and so much more. They are known for the live entertainment and draft beer. Of course, the pub is named after the famous bell in the clock tower found in London.

Big Ben serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a kid's menu and plenty of lunch specials every day. You can watch any sports you enjoy on the TVs and enjoy quiz night on Tuesdays. For more information about Big Ben visit their website here.

All American Pub - 200 East Bland Street

An excellent pub in Charlotte, the All American Pub offers big screen TVs a great patio and plenty more. It's a top spot for comfort food and offers a good cocktail menu, as well. A true sports bar with just about every game showed on a flat screen, this pub is the place to be on game day.

The casual atmosphere of this pub found in the Historic South End District offers something many sports fans and non-sports fans will love. They serve Sunday Brunch with a Bloody Mary Bar and lunch and dinner all week long. Find out more about the All American Pub by visiting their website here.

The Corner Pub - 335 North Graham Street

A neighborhood bar with plenty to offer, The Corner Pub provides a pool table, TVs for sports, daily drink specials and so much more. A Fourth Ward staple, this pub offers plenty...

Which Annual Festivals are Held at Charlotte Center City?

Charlotte Center City is a very popular area with plenty of events throughout the year. While plenty of smaller events are found here, you'll also find several annual festivals on the list. Here's a look at the annual festivals held at Charlotte Center City throughout the year.

Hola Charlotte Festival - Fall

Every fall, the Hola Charlotte Festival happens at Charlotte Center City. It's the largest Hispanic Heritage event in Charlotte and has been running for seven years straight. The festival includes plenty of Latin American Culture with entertainers, bands and more. There's always plenty of Latin food, Zumba demos, cultural dance performances and incredible fashion on display.

Find out more about the Hola Charlotte festival by visiting the official website here.

Thanksgiving Day Parade - Late Fall

While it's not exactly a festival, the atmosphere is very much like a festival for the parade. Known as one of the best holiday parades in Charlotte, the Thanksgiving Day Parade may also be one of the best in the country. The parade celebrates more than 70 years of holiday memories as it started in 1947.

The event was once a small-town event and it has grown into a massive parade perfect for families and friends to enjoy together. Usually, the parade includes close to 20 floats, more than 10 huge balloons, about 15 marching bands and more than 10 performing acts. Celebrities such as Miss North Carolina, Santa and Lexi Walker have made appearances in the parade. Find out more about the Thanksgiving Day Parade here.

Holiday on Ice - Late Fall through Winter

While it's also not a festival, a huge event many enjoy in Charlotte Center City is the Holiday on Ice event. This tradition provides an outdoor ice skating rink right in the heart of Uptown....

Your Guide to Fall Festivals in Charlotte

Fall is a great time of year in Charlotte. The leaves are changing, the hot sticky weather is gone and there may even be a little bit of a chill in the air. It's the time of year to light a fire in the firepit, head out camping or hit one of the many great fall festivals throughout the city.

No more swimming pools and lakes, but instead, it's time to change with the season to great music, deep-fried junk food and so much more. Here's a look at the fall festivals you can enjoy throughout Charlotte for 2018.

Charlotte AutoFair - September 6th to 9th

Held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, this is the perfect place to go if you love cars. The Charlotte AutoFair includes some of the best antique cars you will find. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or just look, this is the place for you. You can also enjoy the flea market with plenty of automotive memorabilia and difficult-to-find auto parks.

Find out more about the Charlotte AutoFair here.

Cabarrus County Fair - September 7th to 15th

The fall is the season for the country fairs and the Cabarrus County Fair is one of the best. It includes a huge Ferris wheel, plenty of junk food deep-fried to make it even junkier and livestock competitions. It's also home to some unique things, such as the Frisbee dog acts, pig races and the chainsaw carving artists.

Find out more about the Cabarrus County Fair here.

Lincoln County Apple Festival - September 15th

Held in Downtown Lincolnton, this festival is a great choice. It may not be as big as the North Carolina Apple Festival, but it still brings plenty of fun. Enjoy an apple farmers market, apple pie eating contest, apple pie contest, and even an apple queen pageant.

Find out more...

Why do You Need a Charlotte Real Estate Agent?

Whether you're selling a home or buying one in Charlotte, a Charlotte real estate agent is a must. There are so many good reasons to go into this massive financial transaction with an expert by your side. While you may be able to do it yourself, this type of transaction should never be treated as a DIY project.

Are you well-versed in real estate law? Do you understand any recent changes to the laws impacting real estate? Are you familiar with homeowner's associations in the area? Do you know Charlotte's neighborhoods like the back of your hand?

Unless you answered yes to all of these questions (and it wasn't ego driven), you need a Charlotte real estate agent. Here are several great reasons why you should always hire a real estate agent when buying or selling a home in Charlotte.

It's a Huge Financial Transaction

For most people, buying or selling a home will be one of the largest financial transactions of their life. Hiring an expert to ensure the "t's" are crossed and the "i's" are dotted is just smart. Without an expert by your side, one small mistake could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Expert Negotiator

We all like to think we are great negotiators, but you probably don't negotiate for a living. Real estate agents negotiate real estate deals every single week and they know exactly what to expect.

Buying and selling real estate comes with plenty of challenges. One of the main challenges is making sure you can get the right deal. Negotiating is vital to a good real estate deal and you need an expert to handle it for you.

A skilled Charlotte real estate agent will not only negotiate the price, but also the terms of the deal. There are several things that go into a real estate deal and the negotiations...

Which Concerts are Coming to Charlotte This Fall?

While the summer concerts are winding down and they are a ton of fun, it doesn't stop with the end of summer. Charlotte has several great concerts coming to the area throughout the fall, too. If you haven't got your fix of live music yet, here are a few of the top fall concerts you can enjoy this year.

Miguel - September 6th

Miguel will be performing at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre on September 6th. This R&B musician is nationally acclaimed and has become one of the top choices in the new wave of R&B talent.

Alan Jackson - September 15th

Another headlining name coming to Charlotte, Alan Jackson will be live on stage at the Spectrum Center. He was once one of the biggest names in country music and known as one of the best songwriters, as well. Jackson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2017 and will be performing for all in attendance on September 15th.

Portugal. The man and Chicano Batman - September 18th

The Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater will host this incredible musician. Portugal won a Grammy award from the single "Feel it Still" and will perform with The Man, which is a psychedelic indie rock act and Chicano Batman, a SoCal Latino fun quartet. This is a show you won't want to miss.

Father John Misty - September 26th

The Fillmore will host Father John Misty on September 26th in Charlotte. This is one of the biggest and most unique options coming to Charlotte. Father John Misty once toured under his given name of Josh Tillman and was also a drummer with the Fleet Foxes. Since 2012, he has been known as Father John Mistry and has been creating incredible music for all to enjoy. His latest release, "God's Favorite Customer" has already become super popular.

Christ Stapleton - October 11th

PNC Music Pavilion will be hosting...

Top Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Learning Resources for Kids

The kids are back in school in Charlotte and having the right learning resources at your fingertips is a big deal. Libraries always have plenty of books, but they also offer learning services. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is known for offering some of the best learning resources for children. Here's a look at the top choices by age range.

For Babies, Toddlers and Preschool Students

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library offers several great learning resources for the younger children including:

  • StoryPlace - This bilingual website is perfect for young children. Kids can explore all types of stories, enjoy online games and activities and learn at the same time. It's in both English and Spanish
  • Active Reading Workshops - Perfect for the youngest of children, the active reading workshops including reading a book with the child instead of reading it to them. This helps children to develop vocabulary language skills and more.
  • TumbleBooks - A great choice for your children, this collection of talking picture books offers books in French and Spanish, along with English. Children can enjoy nonfiction books, puzzles, games, graphic novels, and language learning.
  • Get Set 4 K - If your child will be going into kindergarten soon, this month-by-month guide will help get them ready. It includes activities to do with your children, books to read together and plenty of tips.

For Children Age 4 and Up

While many of the library programs and resources cater to the younger children, some are still available for the children age 4 and up including:

  • Paws to Read - Perfect for children ages 5 to 11, this program allows children to read aloud to a certified therapy dog for 20 minutes.
  • E-Books...