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Zumba Fitness

Have you ever wondered what the excitement, passion and love is ALL about around this hit fitness phenomenon called “ZUMBA”?

Why is Zumba fitness so popular among kids, adults and seniors?  Zumba is truly a unique class that allows you to “Ditch the Workout” and have a party ! It is a combination of choreographed dance moves representing Latin and Caribbean rhythms.  These dances are fun, energetic and upbeat! It truly makes you want to smile the whole time.

The best part is, it doesn’t feel like a workout! Zumba  is a dance based fitness class where you can enjoy a fitness party without feeling judged on your dancing abilities and choreography! You burn a ton of calories without realizing it because you’re letting loose and having fun!

The Zumba music includes Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaetone, Samba and many more! It’s a great opportunity to learn about the various culturals while having fitness fun. 

The instructors tend to be full of energy to keep the classes creative and authentic! They are licensed instructors that are required to learn the Zumba styles and take intense training to ensure they understand the choreography!

The Colors are intense! You’ll find neon greens, yellows, pinks and much more! The colors “wow” your senses to ensure you’re ready to wake up and have a good time!

 My favorite part about Zumba is the diversity! Zumba appeals to all walks of life, culturals, genders and other demographics! We all want to be healthy and fit! Zumba is a fun, exciting way to get you there! You should check out a Zumba dance party the next time you consider a fitness class! 


5 Ladies Night Events to do with Friends

5 Great Ladies Night Events to Enjoy with Friends!

In honor of the Costello REI Ladies Night Out event this month, I'd like to share 5 fun outings to do with your girls!

1 - Wine & Painting! This is a huge hit for bachelorette events, corporate outings and bonding moments with friends. We're all busy during the week, so it's great to take time to relax with a paint brush, arouse our creative minds and drink a glass of wine with friends. A few locations include: Wine & Design, Paint & Sip and Wine & Canvas! Check them out. 

2 - Check out a Cooking Class! Sample a new cuisine, enhance your cooking skills or learn a new recipe with your friends. A great local place is Chef Alyssa's Kitchen! You can try a wide array of cuisines including: Thai, Italian and Tex Mex

3 - Movie Night! This is an oldie but goodie. It's so fun to invite your friends over for a popular movie or tv show in the comfort of your own home. 

4 - Go for a hike or a Zumba class! We all know a great way to let out energy is to exercise! Invite a few of your girlfriends out for a fun fitness class to have a blast and burn calories. 

5 - Spa Night! It's always fun to pamper yourself and unwind from a long, work week. Massages, nails and hair treatments are great ways to bounce back and get relaxed. A spa night coupled with your favorite girls = a recipe for a memorable evening!



Let's Eat Healthy Together

Let's get healthy together!

Check out a few healthy eating tips, that gives us a variety of ways that we can incorporate an overall nutritious and balanced lifestyle. 

How to Eat Healthy

It's easier than you think to start eating healthy! Take small steps each week to improve your nutrition and move toward a healthier you.

Eight Healthy Eating Goals

Small changes can make a big difference to your health. Try incorporating at least six of the eight goals below into your diet. Commit to incorporating one new healthy eating goal each week over the next six weeks. You can track your progress through PALA+.

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables: Choose red, orange, and dark-green vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, along with other vegetables for your meals. Add fruit to meals as part of main or side dishes or as dessert. The more colorful you make your plate, the more likely you are to get the vitamins, minerals, and fiber your body needs to be healthy.


It’s Not too late To Create the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

It’s Not Too late to create the perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

 Thankfully, technology has made it fun and easy to create the perfect keepsake for Mom!

Here are 3 quick tips to make her day super special:

YOU – Moms are so happy to be with the ones she loves most. If you live at a distance you can Facetime, give her a phone call or send her a special thank you message.

Movie App – There is an amazing movie app where you can add memorable photos, collages and videos at the touch of a button. You can also add music and use the tunes you think she'll love most. 

Audio Message – It’s not too late to send her a special song, a voice text or have your kids say something sweet to mom via audio! This way she can play it all time and have a memorable keepsake that will last throughout the years!  


5 Simple Convenient Lifestyle Tips

Convenience is Key! 

Does it ever feel like there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Between family life, working life and our personal lives, it can be challenging to take care of small necessities while making time for yourself.

Check out 5 Simple ways to make your busy lifestyle more convenient:

Online Grocery Shopping: There are a variety of companies that will grocery shop for you! This is a convenient way to type in your items and have them delivered directly to your home.  Publix offers Instacart, Harris Teeter provides Express Lane  and  select Walmart locations offers online grocery store shopping.  

Additionally, there are creative grocery options where you can have select items mailed directly to you such as Hello fresh!

Cleaning Services:  What a great idea to outsource a well-needed yet time consuming weekly task! If it becomes cost prohibitive to have a weekly cleaning service, perhaps you can check into a quarterly or annual option that will allow you to maintain your home in-between deep cleanings.

 Au Pair – This is an option for parents looking for extra hands! An Au Pair is a young adult from overseas who provides childcare services in exchange for room/board. This can provide your child with a live-in cultural enriching childcare option.  

FabFitFun boxes! A great way to experience new products conveniently is having different items sent to you!  I am a busy mom of 2 and getting to the mall to test new products has become nonexistent; however, I ordered a fabfitfun box and stumbled upon great products that I truly enjoy.

Whatever option you like, there’s a lot of different convenient boxes that will inspire...

5 Relation Tips

1. Take A Walk – Now that the weather is warming up it’s time to put on your sneakers and head outside. It’s great to break up your routine and walk around your neighborhood, favorite greenway or local trails. Walking is a wonderful way to reflect on exciting moments, enjoy natural scenery and relax your mind! It’s also known to improve your circulation, maintain a healthy weight and lighten your mood.

2. Go to bed early – It’s ideal to strive for a consistent bed time. Making time to go to bed early and stick to a routine allows you to rest your body from a long day. This will ultimately prepare you for the next morning and help avoid late night snacking. We must make time to recharge!

3. Stretch – Stretching before bed can ease your muscle tension, help you relax and allow you to sleep better! Since we tend to frequently text on our phones, carry diaper bags and sit at computers throughout the day, it’s a great idea to be kind to your muscles and help stretch them. Check out the following link for a few stretching ideas:

4. Journal – This is a personal favorite! It’s relaxing to jot down your favorite memories read them a month or 2 later and reflect on positive and happy thoughts.

5. Laugh – Everyone deserves a great belly laugh! Laughing is relaxing for your body and great for your health. Find that special person, movie, TV show or book that always keeps a smile on your face!