How to Successfully Move to Charlotte with Pets

With the city of Charlotte growing quickly, many are moving to Charlotte from out of the state or at least out of the city. You may be making the move to Charlotte soon and you may be bringing your pets along. The more the merrier and Charlotte is a very pet-friendly place to live.

After making the decision on relocating to Charlotte, you may be wondering how smooth the move will go with your pets. Moving is already stressful and adding in pets can make it even worse. You have so many things to get done and keep track of already.

When you decide to move to Charlotte with pets, you need the right advice to help you get the move done smoothly. Here are some of the best tips to ensure your move with pets is handled properly.

Make the Pets the Job of the Kids

Often, kids feel lift out during a move and need something to do. Putting them in charge of caring for your pets is a great way to handle two things in one. Kids get something to do and you have someone else helping out with the pets.

Of course, you will still have to oversee this whole operation as they are still just kids.

Handling Packing

It's well-known that cats don't like change at all. Dogs, on the other hand, will go nuts anytime you get out luggage or bring moving boxes into your home. They just have a sense for what's happening and they don't know where you might take them next.

Bringing moving boxes into your home early in the process can help to ensure your dogs and cats have time to get used to them. This will also allow you to pack a little at a time, which can also keep the stress level of your pets down.

Have a Pet Box or Bag for the Trip

When you're packing, you want to make sure you have a pet box or a bag packed with the things for your pet. This is especially important if you will be staying overnight along your journey to Charlotte. Pets should have things they recognize and plenty of food and water packed in a place you can easily access for the trip.

If you're using a moving company or the truck with most of your things is going ahead of time, make sure you have pet toys and necessary items packed separately. This will allow you to keep the pets occupied during the trip.

Give them a Spot in the Vehicle

The vehicle the pet will be traveling in should have a spot for them. It's a good idea to make this spot up for them just like you would their bed at home. When they have a spot, it's much easier to get them to settle down for the ride.

Keep Them Separated on Moving Day

When all the things are being loaded into the truck, it's best to keep your pet separated in another room, such as an office or laundry room. Put their bed in there and even put on some music for them to keep them calm while the movers handle their job. This will also help to keep your pets from becoming too anxious.

Find Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you plan to overnight on your way to Charlotte, make sure you have a pet-friendly hotel lined up. La Quinta is one of the best chain hotels for pet owners as they don't charge a pet fee and they offer pet-friendly rooms at a reasonable rate. It's best to have a reservation ahead of time so that you know where you will stop and that you won't overpay for the pet fee.

Take Potty Breaks Regularly

During the road trip, make sure you take potty breaks regularly. You want to stop every 3 hours or so to let your pets out for a break. This can also help to keep you, as the driver, fresh as you get to stretch out a bit, too.

It's best to plan your breaks to fill up the tank (even if you're not that low), let the dogs out and get food all at the same time. This will keep your road trip from turning into one stop after another and will limit stops to just once every three hours.

When you Arrive

When you get to Charlotte and you arrive at your new home, let your pets explore. If you have a fenced backyard, inspect it first for any holes in the fencing or areas they may be able to get out. As long as there aren't any places they can escape, let them explore the fenced yard first.

You should stay with them while they investigate, at first or have the kids watch them. Next, you want to set up a home base for the pets and give them a spot with a bed, toys and food and water. Start by keeping them in just one or two rooms at first and slowly let them explore other rooms throughout the day. Too much open space can become overwhelming for pets.

Updating Their Records

Once you've settled in, you need to get their pet tags updated with your new address and/or phone number. It's also good to find a vet in the area and give your new address to your old vet in case of emergencies. You should also start walking your dogs every day in the neighborhood to let them get used to the smells and neighborhood pets.

Moving isn't easy and adding in pets can make it harder. However, when you follow these tips, you can take the stress out of moving, at least a little.

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