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9 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent

Whether you're buying or selling a home in Charlotte, or the Charlotte Metro area a Realtor® is a must. There are so many good reasons to go into this massive financial transaction with an expert by your side, and while you may be able to do it yourself, this type of transaction should never be treated as a DIY project.

Ask yourself: Are you well-versed in real estate law? Do you understand any recent changes to the laws impacting real estate? Are you familiar with homeowner's associations in the area? Do you know the Charlotte Communities like the back of your hand?

Unless you answered YES to all of these questions, you NEED a Realtor®. Here are several great reasons why you should always hire a Realtor® when buying or selling a home.


For most people, buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions of their life. Hiring an expert to ensure the "t's" are crossed and the "i's" are dotted is just smart. Without an expert by your side, a small mistake could end up costing you thousands of dollars.


We all like to think we are great negotiators, but you probably don't negotiate for a living. Realtor's ® negotiate real estate deals every single week and they know exactly what to expect. They also know a bad deal when they see it.

Selling and buying real estate comes with plenty of challenges. One of the main challenges is making sure you can get the right deal. Negotiating is vital to a good real estate deal and you need an expert:...

Top 6 Towns Near Charlotte with a Real Main Street

Charlotte is filled with amazing neighborhoods and places to call home. From NoDa to Myers Park, you can choose from neighborhoods throughout the city that fit your style of living. However, the Greater Charlotte Area also offers great towns with real Main Streets.

If you prefer the feel of a small town over an urban neighborhood, you're in luck. You can live close enough to enjoy big-city amenities, while keeping the small-town feel, gives you the best of both worlds.

When you start shopping for a home in one of the Charlotte suburbs, you might be surprised at what you find: wide sidewalks, ice cream shops, coffee cafes, fine dining restaurants and plenty of shopping will greet you in these downtown havens. Here are five of the very best towns near Charlotte with a real Main Street.


One of the best suburbs of Charlotte and certainly one of the top downtown areas, Matthews has so much to offer. It's filled with great places to shop, dining and plenty of entertainment.

Central to the Matthew’s experience is Renfrow’s Hardware, a mom and pop operation a 120-year history at the town’s center. They specialize in American-made products, local honey, seasonal produce and a large selection of unusual and common hardware products.

Next door is the Matthew’s Community Farmers Market,...