5 Relation Tips

1. Take A Walk – Now that the weather is warming up it’s time to put on your sneakers and head outside. It’s great to break up your routine and walk around your neighborhood, favorite greenway or local trails. Walking is a wonderful way to reflect on exciting moments, enjoy natural scenery and relax your mind! It’s also known to improve your circulation, maintain a healthy weight and lighten your mood.

2. Go to bed early – It’s ideal to strive for a consistent bed time. Making time to go to bed early and stick to a routine allows you to rest your body from a long day. This will ultimately prepare you for the next morning and help avoid late night snacking. We must make time to recharge!

3. Stretch – Stretching before bed can ease your muscle tension, help you relax and allow you to sleep better! Since we tend to frequently text on our phones, carry diaper bags and sit at computers throughout the day, it’s a great idea to be kind to your muscles and help stretch them. Check out the following link for a few stretching ideas:

4. Journal – This is a personal favorite! It’s relaxing to jot down your favorite memories read them a month or 2 later and reflect on positive and happy thoughts.

5. Laugh – Everyone deserves a great belly laugh! Laughing is relaxing for your body and great for your health. Find that special person, movie, TV show or book that always keeps a smile on your face!