Top Charlotte Center City Museums

The Charlotte Center City is known as one of the best places in the city for arts and entertainment. There are several museums, galleries, and theaters found in this portion of the city. If you're looking for amazing museums to visit, heading to the Charlotte Center City will give you exactly what you desire.

From science museums to art museums, there are plenty of choices to enjoy here. You can even find the NASCAR Hall of Fame here. When it's time to take a trip to the museum, here are the top choices you will find throughout the Charlotte Center City in Uptown.

Mint Museum Uptown - 500 South Tryon Street

There are actually two locations of the Mint Museum in Charlotte. The Mint Museum Uptown provides a look at the Craft + Design collection, along with incredible collections of European art and American Contemporary Art. There are several visitor amenities including the James B. Duke Auditorium, a restaurant, the Lewis Family Gallery, art studios and a museum shop.

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday and admission ranging from $6 to $15. Members do get in free. Find out more about the Mint Museum Uptown here.

Levine Museum of the New South - 200 East 7th Street

Showing off the history of the South since the Civil War, the Levine Museum of the New South is a unique choice in Charlotte Center City. This museum offers plenty of unique artifacts and exhibits to enjoy. They also offer several educational programs for all ages.

Admission runs from $6 to $10 with discounts for EBT or WIC members and for families. Every Sunday, admission is half off. Find out more about the Levine Museum of the New South on their website here.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art - 420 South Tryon Street

Opening in 2010, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art was designed by Mario Botta. It's a beautiful building with plenty of amazing art found inside. Some of the most influential artists are on display here including Picasso, Nicholson, Warhol, Ernst and so many more. Many of the works on display have never been seen by the public until the museum opened.

The museum is open every day except Tuesdays. Admission range from $5 to $9 with military and members getting in free of charge. Children 10 and under also get in for free. Find out more about the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art here.

Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture

This museum used to be known as the Afro-American Cultural Center. It's now called the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture and offers several unique exhibits to enjoy. It's an epicenter for dance, music, film, educational programs, arts, visual art, and community outreach.

The center covers a total of 46,500 square feet and it's found right in the center of the Charlotte business district. It's a unique building with many design elements to make it look like woven textile from West Africa. The architecture does reference African-American history, as well.

Find out more about the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture by visiting their website here.

Discovery Place Science - 301 North Tryon Street

A great place for the kits to learn, Discovery Place Science aims to inspire through science, nature, and technology. It's a hands-on museum with educational outreach programs and more. The exhibits vary in many ways and provide a look at science, nature, and technology.

This museum offers group discounts and if you're a part of the EBT or WIC program, you can get in for $1 per person. Welcome program benefits are also available for NC and SC residents. The normal admission to the museum ranges from $13 to $17 with an additional cost for the IMAX Theater. Members can get in for free and the IMAX is just $5 for members.

Find out more about Discovery Place Science by visiting their website here.

LATIBAH Collard Green Museum - 720 Tuckaseegee Road

While the LATIBAH Collard Green Museum doesn't have a physical location right now, they do have an exhibit called The Great Escape found at 1625 West Trade Street. This exhibit focuses on the Underground Railroad. They also offer an outreach program for the education of the community. LATIBAH focuses on Black American History and plans to re-establish a physical location to display the many installations, exhibits, artifact and other items within the collection.

Find out more about the LATIBAH Collard Green Museum by visiting their website here.

NASCAR Hall of Fame - 400 East M.L.K. Jr. Boulevard

A great choice for NASCAR and racing fans, the NASCAR Hall of Fame offer an incredible look at the history of the sport. It's an interactive museum with plenty of educational exhibits and artifacts to enjoy. There are hands-on exhibits both adults and children will enjoy, along with a large theater, Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants, broadcast studio, NASCAR Hall of Fame Gear Shop and more.

Find out more about the NASCAR Hall of Fame and all it has to offer by visiting the website here.

Wells Fargo History Museum - 401 South Tryon Street

Have you ever been curious about the history of Wells Fargo? This bank dates way back and provides plenty of unique history. The Wells Fargo History Museum puts it all on display with unique exhibits, such as the Concord stagecoach and an interactive telegraph. They also have plenty of rare coins and gold nuggets on display at the museum.

Enjoy a model of the 1889 Wachovia Bank branch from Winston-Salem in this museum, along with plenty of other exhibits. It's truly a unique spot to enjoy and you don't need a guide, but they do provide guides if you prefer. Admission is free, as well.

Find out more about the Wells Fargo History Museum by visiting their website here.

Charlotte Center City offers several great museums. Along with these museums, you can also enjoy the following:

  • Vintage Architectural Art - 320 South Tryon Street #210
  • Founders Circle - 500 South Tryon Street
  • The Light Factory - 1817 Central Avenue
  • The Art Room - 118 East Kingston Avenue
  • Captain James Jack Of Charlotte - 100 North Kings Drive
  • Billy Graham Library - NC-49

There are several great attractions throughout Charlotte Center City. If you're ready to head out to a museum, these are the best choices you will find.

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