Top Things You May Not Know About Davidson, NC

Davidson, North Carolina dates back to the 1800s and offers one of the best places to call home. It was founded when Davidson College was established and was actually just known as Davidson College for the first couple of decades of existence.

Ever since Davidson started to become popular, it has never stopped. It has been a thriving community for many years and it doesn't hurt that it's just 22 miles from Charlotte.

While you may think you know Davidson very well, there may be things you don't know. Here are a few of the top things you may not know about Davidson, NC.

Davidson's Parks

Davidson Proper may only measure 5.1 miles, but you'll find 19 parks and greenways here. That's a lot of green space jam-packed into a small area.

Famous Sculpture

Thomas Cain is the most famous sculptor from Davidson. He's known for the gnomes he has sculpted and they sell all over the world.

Not so Segregated

Many southern cities were very racial segregated back in the day. Davidson has a population of black slaves and poor white factory workers. What makes it unique is how well the cooperated together. The churches in the area created public schools for both white and black children. Even Sunday School classes were created for slave children in a time when this just didn't happen.

Cotton Was Davidson's Main Trade

In the early days, Davidson was all about the cotton. Cotton mills were all throughout the area in the 1800ss and by the early 1900s, more than 2,000 bales of cotton were sold in the town every year.

Davidson College

While you may think Davidson College is just a quaint liberal arts school, you'd be wrong. It's a world-renowned academic institution that was founded by the Presbyterian Church. The college is ranked among the top 10 most-rigorous liberal arts universities in the entire country. The school has also graduated 23 Rhodes Scholars, too.

Very Active Town

The city has been known as one of the most healthy and active for many years. It was given a bronze award in 2010 as a Bike Friendly Community, given a bronze award as a Walk-Friendly Community and was award a bronze award as a Fit Community from 2011 to 2014.

I-77 Made it Younger

Davidson has been known as an aging city for a long time, but when I-77 became real, the explosion of younger families moving in started to happen. The median age in Davidson is now 37, which is much lower than it once was.

Focus on Growth

The city has a great local growth plan with special attention to mixed-use developments, open space and walking. The city actually has a ban on drive-thrus, too.

Davidson is a very popular place to call home near Charlotte. It has plenty to offer and there are all kinds of things to love about the community. These are just some of the lesser-known facts you can enjoy if you decide to make Davison your new home.

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